Dance Works Studio


Financial Information

Tuition (NOT included in legends payments and does not include solo fees)                                    

Mini, Little, and Smiddle Legends $125 per month

Junior, Teen and Senior Legends  $175 per month

Additonal Studio Fees:

Registration fee: $45

Recital Fee: $45

Regular Class Costume Fee: $60 (if the student is enrolled in a regular/non-legend class)

Production Saturday Practice $5 per Saturday (if the student is participating in the production dance.)

Legends Payments

Legends payments are the monthly fees you pay based on the number of dances you will be in.  Each dance costs $200 for Admin fee plus competition fees and that amount will be divided into 6 monthly payments to be due July - December (6 total payments) This fee covers everything needed for the dance.

1 Convention Fee $50


Shoes and Tights

$5 per Saturday for Production Practices (for those students who choose to participate in the production dance.)

Solo Fees  (for those students who choose to try out for a solo and are accepted) 

$50 for DTU competition Due in October

$115 per competition due one month before

$25 per 1/2 hour private lesson paid to teacher at time of lesson 

Costume fee based on actual costume selected

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