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Dance Works' Recital "Hindsight is 20/20" 

will take place at Hinds Community College 

on May 9, 2020.


More information coming soon.


Want to be a Legend and compete on Dance Works' Competition team?

Legends' Boot Camp will take place on June 3rd and 4th,

with auditions on June 5th. 

Ask at the studio office for more information!


NEW STUDENTS can set up an account and

 register online by clicking HERE.  

Returning students can register through our

 parent portal Here



(Class availability depends on size of class; sign up early to secure a spot)

Baby Bunny (2 yrs) Tues 5:30 OR 6:00

Twinkle Toes (3-6 yrs) Mon 3:45; OR Mon 5:30; OR Sat 9:45

Tiny Dancer (5-6 yrs) Tuesday 4:30 OR 5:15

Lake Village LC Wed 9:15

Madison Preschool  Wed 10:30

Tiny Tumble (4-8 yrs) Wed 5:30; OR Wed 6:15; OR Fri 4:30

Children’s Acro (8 & up) Wed 4:30; OR Fri 5:15

Byram Acro (7-15 yrs) Thurs 6:15

Adv. Acro (12 7 up) Fri 6:15

Ballet 1 (7-12 yrs) Mon 4:30; OR Thurs 4:30; OR Sat 10:30

Ballet 2 (9-14 yrs) Thurs 5:30

Ballet 3 (12 & up) Tues AND Thurs 6:30-8:00

Ballet 4( 12 & up) Tues AND Thurs 7:30-9:00

Tap 1 (7-12 yrs) Mon 3:45 OR Mon 5:30

Tap 2 (9-14 yrs) Tues 6:00

Tap 3 (12 & up) TBA

Jazz HIp Hop 1(7-12 yrs) Thurs 4:30

Jazz Hip Hop 2 (9-14 yrs)Mon 4:30

Jazz HIp Hop 3 (12 & up) Mon 6:30

Byram J/HH (7 & up)) Thurs 7:00

Lyrical/Cont 1(7-12 yrs) Thurs 5:30

Lyrical/Cont 2 (10 & up) Thurs 6:30

(Age is approximately - DWS reserves the right to place a dancer based on skill over age)

Click on the Classes Tab above to see our schedule listed by day and student age. 

Office hours are as follows:

Monday 4:00-8:30

Tuesday 4:00-8:30

Thursday 4:00-8:30

Friday 4:00-7:30

Studio Phone: 601-720-1885

Best way to get in touch with us is to call 

and leave a message. 


Coming soon

Registered students can pay tuition

 online, through our Parent Portal by


Click on the

"forgot pasword/get 
started link"

use the email

we have on file for you.

Established in 2007, Dance Works Studio was the vision of Adriana Heindl. Created to bring an excellent dance education to people of all ages in the Jackson Metro area. With over 41 years of combined dance/choreography experience and their dance education, our staff will provide you or your child with one of the best dance educations in the area. Here we treat the children as our own and will make sure each individual child gets the recognition, respect, and time they deserve.

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