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Dance Works will participate in the

 Clinton Christmas Parade 

on December 7!

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Dance Works' Christmas Show will take place at 

Hinds Community College on December 14. 

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Parade Info:

We are excited to once again participate in the Clinton Christmas Parade.  Though floats enter a contest each year,  our goal is to have a great time and allow the kids to have a great memory.  The theme is "A Christmas Story" and so we went on a tangent and are celebrating THE Christmas Story! 

WHAT TO BRING: We will again be throwing candy.  Please send a bag of candy with your child to throw during the parade. 

WHAT TO WEAR:Sweatshirts are available for pick up at the studio.  We created our "Mississippi Kit" this year and included a tshirt along with the hoodie.  Wear the tshirt under the hoodie and if it gets hot, we can still all match.   Wear your sweatshirt with jeans and tennis shoes.  

WHERE TO GO:I have attached the parade route and the drop off route.  

Please arrive through HWY 80 onto Morrison Dr between 8:30 and 9.  Follow the traffic and find our float.  Sign your child in.  Understand that any time after 9 it will be CRAZY traffic.  Please use the bathroom before you arrive.  There are NO bathrooms while we wait.

SAFETY FOR DROP OFF AND PICK UP: You MUST sign your child in with a teacher on the clip board.  You MUST sign them out!  We will not allow dancers to leave with out a parents signature.  PLEASE cooperate with this rule.  We NEED to know where our dancers go!  Its for YOUR safety and your child's safety!  Please instruct your dancer to stay in the float (ages 6 and under) or BY the float (ages 7 and older) during all times.  If you feel that your Child needs extra supervision, please consider  participating in the parade with us.  Parents of dancers 6 and younger are welcome to ride the float. (I can always use a few extra hands in the float)

This is what was sent to me about the parade:

Thanks for participating in the Clinton Chamber Christmas Parade Saturday, December 7, 2019.  It looks like at this time the weather is going to be GREAT for this year’s parade!  Again we are holding a 5 & 10K run before the parade starting at 7:30 a.m.  This means there will be more road closures earlier.

The most important thing to remember is that ALL floats, marchers, cars and participants must enter from Hwy 80 on to Morrison Drive.  There will be volunteers at Church Street (first street to your right) that will direct you where to go.  Two maps are attached that will also direct participants.

Details you’ll need to know Please FORWARD this information to all participants in your entry and encourage carpooling to decrease the number of cars in the parade set up area.

 Floats line up on McDonald Drive:

  • Enter from Hwy 80 onto Morrison Drive.  Turn right on Church Street and follow the signs.
  • Floats will line up in order of arrival.  You may line up as early as 7:30 a.m.  Please be mindful of resident’s driveways. 
  • All float walkers/riders should be present before 9:30 a.m. and will stay with the floats.
  • At the end of the parade, floats will turn into the parking lots at MC’s Golden Dome.  Let your people know pickup will be at MC’s football or baseball field parking lots.


Information about the Christmas Show:

Tickets are on sale at the studio already ($5 each).  Please pick yours up before the show or you will be facing a LONG line the day of the show.  ITs general admission, so you can always purchase more later if you need to.  We just want the line for tickets to be minimal at the door. 

Please arrive and drop off child between 30-45 minutes before the show.  (1:15-1:30 or 4:15-4:30). Sign them in with Mrs. Chiquila by the right side door to back stage in the auditorium. Legends must arrive an hour before both shows. 

DANCERS WILL NOT BE DISMISSED UNTIL AFTER THE SHOW!!!!  This is for your child's safety.  Groups will be spread out downstairs and in the wings.  Parents will NOT be allowed back stage. I promise your child will be safe and happy.  

Pick up will be on stage following the curtain call.  If your child requires more that the outfit on his/her body (if he/she has more than one outfit or shoes) please send that in a bag that they can hold.  We will place all bags in the wings for pick up following the curtain call.  The show is no longer than an hour, so nothing extra is needed.  We want the least amount of "things" for your child to keep up with.  So if she/he is only doing one dance, we just need her/him. 

Hair for girls should be in a slick bun.  (Use hairspray and gel). Some makeup is allowed and appropriate so that your child's can be seen under the stage lights.  A good red lipstick (that doesn't smear) and some blush along with an eyeliner would be enough.  Make up is not mandatory but encouraged.

No undergarments under leotard and tights.  Its like a swim suit.  No need for embarrassing underwear showing on stage!

There will be no videographer so you are welcome to video your child's dance on your device, but please be respectful of those around you and do not block anyones view.  if you are holding your device too high to block the person behind you from seeing the stage, you will be asked to stop. 

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(Class availability depends on size of class; sign up early to secure a spot)

Baby Bunny (2 yrs) Tues 5:30 OR 6:00

Twinkle Toes (3-6 yrs) Mon 3:45; OR Mon 5:30; OR Sat 9:45

Tiny Dancer (5-6 yrs) Tuesday 4:30 OR 5:15

Lake Village LC Wed 9:15

Madison Preschool  Wed 10:30

Tiny Tumble (4-8 yrs) Wed 5:30; OR Wed 6:15; OR Fri 4:30

Children’s Acro (8 & up) Wed 4:30; OR Fri 5:15

Byram Acro (7-15 yrs) Thurs 6:15

Adv. Acro (12 7 up) Fri 6:15

Ballet 1 (7-12 yrs) Mon 4:30; OR Thurs 4:30; OR Sat 10:30

Ballet 2 (9-14 yrs) Thurs 5:30

Ballet 3 (12 & up) Tues AND Thurs 6:30-8:00

Ballet 4( 12 & up) Tues AND Thurs 7:30-9:00

Tap 1 (7-12 yrs) Mon 3:45 OR Mon 5:30

Tap 2 (9-14 yrs) Tues 6:00

Tap 3 (12 & up) TBA

Jazz HIp Hop 1(7-12 yrs) Thurs 4:30

Jazz Hip Hop 2 (9-14 yrs)Mon 4:30

Jazz HIp Hop 3 (12 & up) Mon 6:30

Byram J/HH (7 & up)) Thurs 7:00

Lyrical/Cont 1(7-12 yrs) Thurs 5:30

Lyrical/Cont 2 (10 & up) Thurs 6:30

(Age is approximately - DWS reserves the right to place a dancer based on skill over age)

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Office hours are as follows:

Monday 4:00-8:30

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Thursday 4:00-8:30

Friday 4:00-7:30

Studio Phone: 601-720-1885

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Established in 2007, Dance Works Studio was the vision of Adriana Heindl. Created to bring an excellent dance education to people of all ages in the Jackson Metro area. With over 41 years of combined dance/choreography experience and their dance education, our staff will provide you or your child with one of the best dance educations in the area. Here we treat the children as our own and will make sure each individual child gets the recognition, respect, and time they deserve.

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